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Research on Fluid Mechanics of Computational Analysis

This is a graduate studies area in the Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering at Waseda University.

The research is on computational analysis of a wide range of challenging engineering problems where fluid mechanics is the core part of the physical problem. The research includes identification of the analysis target and challenges, proper mathematical modeling, effective interpretation of the computed results, and the extraction of valuable engineering information and data. We focus not only on the fluid mechanics aspects of the problem, but also on innovating the methods needed to address the computational challenges faced.

The research is co-supervised by Professor Tayfun Tezduyar, Rice University and joint appointment at Waseda University, and Professor Kenji Takizawa, Waseda University. We especially encourage students who are considering to pursue a PhD degree focusing on computational engineering analysis.

Examples of the research topics:
      ● Parachutes and other aerospace problems
      ● Cardiovascular and other biomechanics problems
      ● Turbocharges and other automotive industry related problems
      ● Wind turbines and other energy-related problems
      ● Bioinspired flapping-wing aerodynamics

The graduate studies can be in Japanese or English, and we welcome students in both tracks. The research part of the two tracks are the same. Prospective students can directly contact Kenji Takizawa.