• Three-Part Waseda University Article Features Takizawa and TAFSM
    A three-part Waseda University news article, published in both Japanese and English, is featuring Takizawa, TAFSM, and their research accomplishments. The article also has a video version in Japanese. English: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Japanese: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Video Version in Japanese with English caption.
  • Next FSI Short Course
    The next FSI short course will be in San Diego. See more details.
  • Space–Time Slip Interface and Topology Change (ST-SI-TC) method
    The ST-SI-TC method is based on ST-SI and ST-TC methods combined. The ST-SI-TC method we introduce here integrates the ST-SI and ST-TC methods in the ST-VMS framework. It enables accurate flow analysis when we have a spinning solid surface that is in contact with a solid surface. See more details .
  • Thermo-fluid analysis and heat conduction analysis of a disk brake
    We first do the thermo-fluid analysis of the flow around the disk brake for a finite set of rotor speeds, and then, with the heat transfer coefficient coming from the thermo-fluid analysis, do the heat conduction analysis of the rotor. We do this from the start of the breaking until the rotor spinning stops. See more ...
  • Thermo-fluid analysis of a ground vehicle and its tires
    Thermo-fluid analysis of a truck under road condition. In this thermo-fluid analysis, we use a road-surface temperature higher than the free-stream temperature, and a tire-surface temperature that is even higher. We also include in the analysis the heat from the engine and exhaust system, with a reasonably realistic representation of the rate by which that heat ...
  • Projects
    Overview We have targeted a number of key technology areas of the 21st century where we expect to make a significant impact with the high-power fluid–structure interaction (FSI) modeling techniques we have been developing. These areas are biotechnology, space and energy. We recognize that in these targeted areas FSI modeling will play a crucial role in ...
  • Publications
    Last update: May 05, 2017 Books Y. Bazilevs, K. Takizawa, and T.E. Tezduyar, “Computational Fluid–Structure Interaction: Methods and Applications”, Wiley (2013), 10.1002/9781118483565 @BOOK{Bazilevs13a, AUTHOR = {Y.~Bazilevs and K.~Takizawa and ...