Yuto Otoguro

Ph.D Candidate
  • Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling (T*AFSM)
  • Takizawa Laboratory, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University
  • B.Eng. Waseda University, 2014
  • M.Eng. Waseda University, 2016
PGP Fingerprint: 2048R/  7C43 D8E0 FBAE AF27 A7F4 A42C 9983 99C6 C501 4379


Journal Articles Indexed by the Web of Science

[ 1]
K. Takizawa, T.E. Tezduyar, Y. Otoguro, T. Terahara, T. Kuraishi, and H. Hattori, “Turbocharger flow computations with the Space–Time Isogeometric Analysis (ST-IGA)”, Computers & Fluids, 142 (2017) 15–20, 10.1016/j.compfluid.2016.02.021
[ 2]
Y. Otoguro, K. Takizawa, and T.E. Tezduyar, “Space–time VMS computational flow analysis with isogeometric discretization and a general-purpose NURBS mesh generation method”, Computers & Fluids, 158 (2017) 189–200, 10.1016/j.compfluid.2017.04.017
[ 3]
K. Takizawa, T.E. Tezduyar, and Y. Otoguro, “Stabilization and discontinuity-capturing parameters for space–time flow computations with finite element and isogeometric discretizations”, Computational Mechanics, published online, DOI: 10.1007/s00466-018-1557-x (2018), 10.1007/s00466-018-1557-x

Chapters in Books

[ 1]
Y. Otoguro, K. Takizawa, and T.E. Tezduyar, “A general-purpose NURBS mesh generation method for complex geometries”, to appear in a special volume to be published by Springer (2018)

Conference Papers

[ 1]
Y. Otoguro, T. Terahara, K. Takizawa, T.E. Tezduyar, T. Kuraishi, and H. Hattori, “A higher-order ST-VMS method for turbocharger analysis”, Proceedings of 13th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery (2015)